The Riverside is a band of friends that became family.

California is the place that found them and, rather on a whim, unexpectedly started a life together on the road.

On that road, whether performing on a street corner, in an intimate house show, or a festival ground, the band has brought back the love of what live performance is really about.  Circled around one or two large microphones the band relies on one another to balance sound.  This intimate type of performance is one that has been lost in many live music shows, and comes to fruition as all six simultaneously break into their vocal harmonies while playing on their folk-rooted, stringed instruments.

As friends, finding the beauty that traveling the country together holds, and speaking honestly about what they believe music is about; creating family, and that's exactly what they've become.

Jake Jeanson - Guitar
Lorien Jeanson- Mandolin
Sarah Organista- Bass
Angela Miller- Fiddle
Lindsay Lettow- Banjo
Evan Kramer- Drums/Percussion